About Us
Our Vision:
An astute amalgam of Science, Quality, Ethics, Practical Experience and Common Sense can lead to the conduct of a successful clinical trial, safeguard-ing the rights, safety & well — being of trial subjects while achieving the scientific goal behind conducting the clinical trial.
We, at SenseCR, aim towards achieving our goal that Clinical Research 'makes Sense' to all stakeholders involved in its conduct, to achieve the amalgam mentioned above. Every stakeholder should be able to answer the questions:
The above can only be achieved with the right kind of training and guidance, which is not only focussing on 'What', but also covers 'Why' and 'HOW'.
SenseCR was thus seeded in 2012 with the vision of achieving this very goal at a global level. We believe in promoting:
Quality and Ethics with a Practical Approach
From our vast experience and analysis, we have comets conclude that majority of the stakeholders involved in Clinical Research are blindly following what they have been instructed to do, without knowing if it is right or wrong and without applying their own common sense; all because they have never been guided to think that way. This ultimately leads to errors in the processes, finally jeopardizing the quality of data and safety of subjects. This is where we found an urgent need for role based trainings and guidance.
"SenseCR has the vision to make all stakeholders, within the global Clinical Research industry"
Completely aware of the applicable regulations and guidelines.
Capable of applying basics towards practical execution, while maintaining highest levels of Quality & Ethics.
Capable of dealing with practical challenges & situations which come in their way while dealing with clinical trials.
We, at SenseCR aim to partner with each stakeholder to collectively achieve this.
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